Alpha Bully by Sam Crescent


What would you do if the boy who bullied you for a long time suddenly showed an interest?

Marshall Briggs is an alpha wolf—and a bully. He’s tormented Scarlett for as long as he can remember. When he turns eighteen all of his senses are awakened. It’s his final year of high school, and he can’t wait for it to be over.

Then he scents his mate, and Marshall is shocked. The girl he’s bullied is in fact his mate. Everything has changed. Now he must show to Scarlett he’s a changed man, one who will do everything to keep her close.

Marshall Briggs is suddenly being kind to her, and Scarlett is more confused than happy. How can she trust him? Is it another joke he’s playing on her?

Marshall definitely has a fight on his hands to get from bully to boyfriend.

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Obaze Rosemary
Obaze Rosemary · 8 months ago

It a good book , I like to read about Marshall's friend also...... Thanks 😘

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