A Bachelor She Loves to Hate by Emily Honeyfield

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When Tabitha Addison’s parents are killed in a sudden accident, leaving her with nothing but a broken heart and a sea of debts, she must take her life into her own hands. The single bright spot in her desperation comes in the form of a mysterious man who shows up at her door one dark, stormy night and offers her the housekeeper position at his estate. With most of her fortune gone, and bankruptcy hanging over her head, she has to act fast and accept his help. However, upon arriving at his estate, she will realise it is full of dark secrets. While trying hopelessly to bring them to light, an inexplicable desire for her seductive employer will grow in Tabitha’s heart. Will she be able to discover Oliver’s secrets without upsetting their blossoming affair?

Oliver Penderghast has been a bachelor ever since his wife died. Being a vigorous man, who loves to travel all around the continent, he has been named the Spymaster by the very King. Trapped between his hurtful past and lonely future, he is constantly trying to find balance in his turbulent life. When the newly hired housekeeper discovers an abandoned wing in his mysterious estate and hidden passageways that allow people to slip in and out of rooms undetected, hints of a past life come to light… When deep buried secrets come to surface, he must decide if it is worth risking it all for the most attractive Lady in town. Trouble is, once he’s tasted her fiery passion, he wants it all…Can he defy everything to be with the woman who conquered his heart and mind?

The past always has a way of raising its ugly head and bringing havoc and heartache upon the unsuspecting… Will Oliver manage to fall for Tabitha as madly as she has for him? Or will the skeletons in Oliver’s closet overpower the undeniable love and passion that could have grown between them?

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Table of Content

  • 1. A Bachelor She Loves to Hate
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • Free Exclusive Gift
  • 3. A Bachelor She Loves to Hate
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 5
    • Chapter 6
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 9
    • Chapter 10
    • Chapter 11
    • Chapter 12
    • Chapter 13
    • Chapter 14
    • Chapter 15
    • Chapter 16
    • Chapter 17
    • Chapter 18
    • Chapter 19
    • Chapter 20
    • Chapter 21
    • Chapter 22
    • Chapter 23
    • Chapter 24
    • Chapter 25
    • Chapter 26
    • Chapter 27
    • Chapter 28
    • Chapter 29
    • Chapter 30
    • Chapter 31
    • Chapter 32
    • Chapter 33
    • Chapter 34
    • Chapter 35
  • 4. A Dazzling Stranger in the Earl's Arms
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
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