You Wouldn’t Dare by J.M Johnson

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“‘Where is she?’ That deep, hypnotic voice vibrated around the entire pack compound. He had found me,’
What happens when darkness and light are thrown together, fated by the Moon Goddess to be mates?

Khaos is death personified, ruthless in his approach as he vows to own the world.
Violet is the picture of innocence. Sheltered by her pack, protected by her parents, she’s never known the life that Khaos has had to endure.
Does she have what it takes to look past his hard exterior and see the broken man that lives behind the bad-tempered, often cruel man?
As fire and ice collide, are they able to band together and fight the dark forces coming their way, or will one of them succumb to the ghosts of Khaos’ past as secrets and grudges are unearthed, threatening to destroy them all?

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