Winter Kisses by Addison Moore

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Laney Sawyer used to believe in love and all of the trappings that happily ever after could provide until Ryder Capwell crushed her heart.

When Laney is auctioned off as a prize at the drama department fundraiser the last person she expects to trade cold hard cash for her company is Ryder. Ryder Capwell is in love with Laney Sawyer. One year ago she walked out of his life and took the light of his world right along with her.

Ryder would do anything to have another chance with Laney, including purchasing her for the evening courtesy of Whitney Briggs University, and he does just that. One thing leads to whiskey, which leads to a one-night stand. She thinks it’s revenge sex—he thinks its make up sex.

Things can only go wrong from here…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. 1
    • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • 3. 2
    • Love Shack
  • 4. 3
    • Let’s Get it On
  • 5. 4
    • The Way We Were
  • 6. 5
    • With Bells On
  • 7. 6
    • Deck the Halls and Maybe Meg
  • 8. Acknowledgments
  • 9. About the Author
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