While Bella Slept by Erin Lee

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True love’s kiss. It’s the only thing that can wake Bella from a dormant sleep so deep even doctors can’t explain. Said to be crazy but fanatical about helping her slumbering daughter, ever-eccentric Sylvia will go to any length to bring a soulmate to Bella’s bed in hopes he can wake her. One by one, men leave the sterile hospital room as failures. Even Sylvia begins to believe there is no hope in ever speaking with her daughter again. Blaming their splintered mother/daughter relationship, Sylvia is ready to give up and stop believing in fairy tales at all. Until one day when everything changes and Bella’s eyes flutter at the sound of a surprise visitor’s voice. But happy endings don’t come as easy in real life as they do in stories. For Bella to wake up, Sylvia must rethink everything.Can she love her daughter enough to fracture the curse of four generations?

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  • Original Title:While Bella Slept: A Fractured Fairy Tale
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