When the Handyman Comes by Lana Brazen

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When Andrew is on a routine repair job, things go a bit off course. The Handyman special is asked for and received, and thus begins another tale of pure pleasure.
Annette Rosso needed her faucet fixed.
Referred by a friend to this handyman, she’d heard he restored more than busted plumbing.
I’m just curious, she said, questioning his experience in matters other than home renovation.
How was he at rebuilding the feminine spirit?
Andrew Harden has experience with broken things.
When he gets this particular call, he quickly learns it’s more than a routine repair.
To his surprise, she’s curious about his past endeavors in the world of pleasure.
But how was she at restoring his faith in matters of the heart?
In a relationship that quickly turns from curiosity to compassion, emotions wreak havoc on this handyman. How could he know, he’s the one who might need fixing?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Table of Contents
  • 2. Dedication
  • 3. Chapter 1
  • 4. Chapter 2
  • 5. Chapter 3
  • 6. Chapter 4
  • 7. Chapter 5
  • 8. Chapter 6
  • 9. Chapter 7
  • 10. Chapter 8
  • 11. Epilogue
  • 12. Keep in touch with Lana Brazen
  • 13. Nibble of The Athletic Trainer
  • 14. About the Author
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