Unbroken by Jay Crownover

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men series comes a captivating novella about a rugged rodeo star who will do anything to protect the people he loves.

When rodeo star Crew Lawton loses everything in a bad bet, he has no choice but to take a new job to pay off his debts – even if it means becoming the face of an expensive male skincare line. Crew is used to getting sweaty and rustling in the dirt, not posing for photo shoots. And he’s certainly not used to being bossed around by a woman who doesn’t even know the difference between bulls and broncs. But Crew owes money to dangerous criminals, and he’ll do anything Della says in order to pay them back and keep them far away from his family in Loveless, Texas…

The launch of her new men’s line for her family’s company means everything to Della Deveaux, and she’s not willing to let some rugged, arrogant cowboy ruin her campaign. Crew Lawton is the last man she would have chosen to represent her chic, sophisticated brand. Unfortunately, her father already invested millions in Crew’s stupidly handsome face. Yet the more time they spend together, Della and Crew realize that opposites do attract. But when the time comes for Crew to face his past mistakes, will he be able to protect his family…and the woman he’s come to love?

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  • Original TitleUnbroken: A Novella (Loveless, Texas)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Dedication
  • 4. Table of Contents
  • 5. Prologue: Crew
  • 6. Chapter 1: Della
  • 7. Chapter 2: Crew
  • 8. Chapter 3: Della
  • 9. Chapter 4: Crew
  • 10. Chapter 5: Della
  • 11. Chapter 6: Crew
  • 12. Chapter 7: Della
  • 13. Chapter 8: Crew
  • 14. Chapter 9: Della
  • 15. Chapter 10: Crew
  • 16. Chapter 11: Della
  • 17. Chapter 12: Crew
  • 18. Chapter 13: Della
  • 19. Epilogue: Crew
  • 20. Author’s Note
  • 21. All the Places to Find Me
  • 22. A Preview of JUSTIFIED
  • 23. About the Author

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