Their Stolen Kisses by J. P. Comeau

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The document is sitting on my desk…
I vow to fight my ex-wife in court until I win.
But first… I need help. I need an overnight nanny.
As CEO of Pinnacle Real Estate, I once had everything I ever wanted.
A beautiful wife, a baby boy… and billions to support them.
Until my wife walked out and decided to fight me for custody of my son.
Now, I’ve broken a cardinal rule…
I hired my assistant’s secretary with curvy assets as Noah’s overnight nanny. The problem is, her luscious lips and her gift with children make her irresistible to both of us.
But, I’m afraid to make her mine and risk history repeating itself.
As secretary to Cameron Hart’s executive assistant, I struggled to make ends meet.
I needed extra work to save my childhood home from foreclosure!
When my dreamy boss approached me and offered me the position as an overnight nanny for his son, I was overjoyed. Until, that first steamy kiss.
My father once told me I was too heavy… No man would ever want me.
Now, I need someone I can trust… Someone older and experienced. Someone who will accept me for who I am.
What if I give Cameron my heart and find out he is only using me until he gets what he wants?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. Chapter 1
  • 5. Chapter 2
  • 6. Chapter 3
  • 7. Chapter 4
  • 8. Chapter 5
  • 9. Chapter 6
  • 10. Chapter 7
  • 11. Chapter 8
  • 12. Chapter 9
  • 13. Chapter 10
  • 14. Chapter 11
  • 15. Chapter 12
  • 16. Chapter 13
  • 17. Chapter 14
  • 18. Epilogue
  • 19. About the Author
  • 20. Kiss And Makeup
  • 21. More from J.P. Comeau
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