The Witch’s Gift by C.C. Wood

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I wanted to escape the family holiday celebration for a little while. Especially the warlocks Aunt Fenella keeps trying to set me up with. They’re all the same. Polite. Good-looking. Boring. So I found a nice quiet bar and planned to have a drink. Maybe flirt with someone cute.
Instead, I meet the hottest man I’ve ever seen.
And he’s a werewolf.
The truce between the witches and the shifter pack of Dallas is new, and I’m still wary. I should stay way from him but I can see the pain in Blake’s eyes and the grief that surrounds him.
He needs comfort. Even if it’s just for tonight.
I never expected one night with him to change everything. How do I go back to my normal life after love at first bite?
*Originally published as The Witch and the Wolf in A Very Werey Christmas anthology.

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