The Wicked Lady by Mary Lancaster

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The scandalous widow…and the curate?

Newly widowed, wicked Kate Crowmore is in trouble. Scandal has broken over her head and someone is trying to kill her. When she seeks refuge in Blackhaven, she doesn’t expect a clergyman to be the solution to both these problems!

Tristram Grant is not just any clergyman. The cast-off, illegitimate son of an earl, and a one-time army officer of great promise, the charismatic new curate is making his mark in Blackhaven. As soon as he sees the beautiful, defiant Kate, he sets his heart on her. And he is used to achieving his goals. But Kate, finally free of a disastrous marriage that almost broke her, has no intention of marrying anyone ever again – supposing she survives the attempts on her life.

Grant’s courtship, like his pursuit of her enemies, is unorthodox, fun and curiously seductive. However, he has secrets of his own and when he deliberately frees a French prisoner of war, Kate realizes he could be more dangerous than she imagined.
Then, as if life isn’t complicated enough, her old scandal catches us with her again, in the shape of Lord Vernon, whom the world imagines is her lover – and he wants to marry her too.…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Books from Dragonblade Publishing
  • 4. Table of Contents
  • 5. Chapter One
  • 6. Chapter Two
  • 7. Chapter Three
  • 8. Chapter Four
  • 9. Chapter Five
  • 10. Chapter Six
  • 11. Chapter Seven
  • 12. Chapter Eight
  • 13. Chapter Nine
  • 14. Chapter Ten
  • 15. Chapter Eleven
  • 16. Chapter Twelve
  • 17. Chapter Thirteen
  • 18. Chapter Fourteen
  • 19. Chapter Fifteen
  • 20. Chapter Sixteen
  • 21. Chapter Seventeen
  • 22. Chapter Eighteen
  • 23. Mary Lancaster’s Newsletter
  • 24. Other Books by Mary Lancaster
  • 25. About Mary Lancaster

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Kiley O
Kiley O
  ***Spoiler Alert*** Just a quick side-note before I give my review. It is a sad, sad fact when an author writes about a character in one book, but in the next, that character's name has been changed. In Book 1, Miss Smallville went by the name of Jenny, but in this book the author changed her name to Janet. But then, later in the book, she switched the name back to Jenny! Oh, please! I know young children who can remember names better than this! Do authors not realize that their reader can, in fact, recall which character(s) was(were) in their previous books? Do authors consider the readers that dumb? Also, the author has one character switching between saying someone was their lover and then saying there had only ever been a mild flirtation between them and then this person waited to see if another person would ask if the first two were still lovers. So were they, in fact, lovers at one point, or was it just a flirtation? It seemed that the author enjoyed keeping the reader confused about a wide variety of subjects in this particular book.

With all that said, in the beginning, I really did not care for the main female character. She appeared in Book 1 as the former love of Lord Wickenden, and she even tried to seduce him, knowing his heart was otherwise engaged. Kate was not really a likable person, at least not at first. She didn't mind leading men on, allowing them to get ideas about a relationship with her, only to let them know she had, in fact, been toying with them all along. She had a somewhat sullied reputation and had no problem flaunting it. In this book, she flirted with the curate, Tristram Grant, who wanted to marry her, but she told him she would sleep with him but not marry him, which would cause him to break his religious vows. She was completely selfish, self-absorbed...and idiotic. Tristram Grant was a very likable character. Although he was a curate, he was no foppish mister. He was a very strong, well-written character. A former military man and the younger, illegitimate son of an Earl, this guy was...all man. He had strong views on relationships and, while he was a curate, he still admitted to being tempted by his desire for Kate. There was more drama, intrigue, and angst in this book than romance, but the romance was there, along with a tad of chemistry. However, the way the author wrote the story, they were apart more than they were together and there were way too many other characters who kept being written in to come between them. I was amazed at all the twists and turns this book had. For only 18 chapters, it was fully loaded with everything a reader might expect...even the unexpected. There was one surprise after another. The reader never had a chance to become bored. While this book had a few issues at the beginning of the story, it was still an enjoyable read. I think that the book deserves a place with the Keeper for the Shelves books...but only by a slim margin.

Reply6 days ago