The Viscount’s Sinful Bargain by Kate Archer

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Lord Hampton cursed his luck. Six dukes were in league together to force their sons to marry, and one of them was his own father. The old men had drawn up a formal pact, with severe consequences to their heirs included. Edwin is determined to devise a way out of it, he has no intention of marrying any time soon. He’s also desperate to get his name off the ton’s lips. Mamas are circling like hunters round a wounded stag and every pert little miss is fanning herself.

Cassandra Knightsbridge, only daughter of Viscount Trebly, has not had a very usual upbringing. She rides like the devil, leaving her groom far behind…if she bothered to take a groom at all. More alarming, there would be few gentlemen who could best her with a fowling piece. Of course, she knows those particular habits will not find approval in a London drawing room and ought not be mentioned. That is, until a condescending lord provokes her.

Might not a tale of a girl who shoots turn society’s attention away from the dukes’ pact? The whispers wind their way through drawing rooms and the talk about Miss Knightsbridge blooms. Edwin’s love for the lady blooms too, but now he’s made it impossible to win her.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Publisher’s Note
  • 4. Additional Dragonblade books by Author Kate Archer
  • 5. Table of Contents
  • 6. Prologue
  • 7. Chapter One
  • 8. Chapter Two
  • 9. Chapter Three
  • 10. Chapter Four
  • 11. Chapter Five
  • 12. Chapter Six
  • 13. Chapter Seven
  • 14. Chapter Eight
  • 15. Chapter Nine
  • 16. Chapter Ten
  • 17. Chapter Eleven
  • 18. Chapter Twelve
  • 19. Chapter Thirteen
  • 20. Chapter Fourteen
  • 21. Chapter Fifteen
  • 22. Chapter Sixteen
  • 23. Chapter Seventeen
  • 24. Chapter Eighteen
  • 25. Chapter Nineteen
  • 26. About the Author

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Miss. Wood
Miss. Wood

Detailed in every aspect except with with building dynamic relationships. Very slow clean love story, as in wait until halfway through the last chapter. Cute and enjoyable, but I have no intention reading the next book.

Replya year ago