The Single Dad by Claire Adams

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Falling for her student’s single dad was the last thing she expected…

What is life supposed to look like when you are 38? Usually we think that we should be happily married, with a good decade behind us with our partner, and a couple kids at home. But for Blake, things aren’t quite falling in line with the usual narrative. At 38, he has been single for two years, having divorced the mother of his child, and he is sharing custody time of his 16-year-old daughter with her. As far as he is concerned, this is just how things are going to be, and he doesn’t hold out much hope for it improving.

Then he meets Emily, his daughter’s history teacher. Their first meeting is rather uneventful, simply discussing his daughter’s struggles in her class, though the attraction is there. But when he and his squad from the fire department put out her house fire and save her cat, things speed up. Of course, getting involved with a divorced father is going to be complicated, and Emily has some baggage of her own…

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