The Reluctant Sub by Jordan Silver

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It’s the year 2030 and life as we know it has changed. The world of master and sub is no longer seen as taboo, but is now the accepted norm for the wealthy upper-class, with the women of the middle class and the poor vying for position in the best homes. Alyssa is not one of those, she’s vowed never to bend to the will of her new ‘master’ no matter what. But how well will her convictions hold up under his sweet torture?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Epilogue
  • 3. Books by Jordan Silver
  • 4. Other Titles by Jordan Silver
  • 5. Web site
  • 6. Copyright
  • 7. Master Brax
  • 8. Alyssa
  • 9. Also by Jordan Silver
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