The Lovers’ Lane Murders by Cynthia Hickey

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A decades old unsolved crime…
A woman vowing to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish…
The killing starts again…

In Texarkana, Arkansas in 1946, a serial killer terrorized the town. Now, in the present day, Pressley Taylor has arrived to pick up where her grandmother left off…to find out the identity of The Phantom. Armed with her grandmother’s notes, she enlists the help of handsome Officer Jackson Hudson who reluctantly agrees to help.
In soon becomes apparent that Pressley’s presence in town has unearthed that years ago evil and she becomes the primary target. As young lovers are once again being stalked and killed, it’s up to Pressley and Jackson to find the copy-cat killer before Pressley becomes a victim.
As Pressley and Jackson spend time together, romance blooms, but neither are sure of the others’ intentions once The Phantom 2 is caught. Will Pressley stay or will Jackson be the one to follow her?
Can these two solve a crime no one else could?

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