The Love Campaign by Laura Marquez Diamond

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Talent? Undeniable
Charm? In spades.
Looks? Deceptively angelic.
But Jaya Patel was too involved as an at-risk youth counselor to notice Sebastian Beaumont’s talent, charm, or looks.
Until one fated night when he swept her off her feet—because she’s clumsy. Tripping over herself was like a second job.
Passion? Undeniable.
Smarts? In spades.
Looks? Absolute kryptonite.
But Sebastian Beaumont was too busy as a rising hockey star to notice Jaya Patel’s passion, intelligence, or beauty.
Until compromising pictures forced them to concoct a romantic ruse—because an important fundraising campaign depended on it.
Will they overcome the stark differences in their lives? Can they be together when forces conspire to rip them apart?
This love campaign needs donations in the form of a miracle.

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