The Last First Kiss by Rocklyn Ryder

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Spence might be hot as fire, but I know what happens when you play with fire.
Finding out that he’s back in town has been nothing but bad for me.
I’m done with go no-where guys. I’m not looking for another short term boyfriend who just wants to “have fun” and “chill” for a little while.
I’m looking for a man who wants to be a partner in every way that a strong home needs. Someone with a solid career and a commitment to his family.

This is my future I’m talking about, and there’s no future with a guy like Spencer.
My girlfriends and I made a pact: No more casual flings or one-night stands. From now on, we’re going to wait for the real thing.
The do-over pact is just what I needed.
And a busy event season will only help keep me focused on work.
Because if there’s anything that’s going to tempt me to break the pact– it’s Spencer.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. The Last First Kiss
  • 4. Paige
  • 5. Spencer
  • 6. Paige
  • 7. Spencer
  • 8. Paige
  • 9. Spencer
  • 10. Paige
  • 11. Spencer
  • 12. Paige
  • 13. Spencer
  • 14. Paige
  • 15. Spencer
  • 16. Paige
  • 17. Paige
  • 18. Epilogue
  • 20. Untitled
  • 21. Also by Rocklyn Ryder:
  • 22. Untitled
  • 23. Untitled
  • 24. About Rocklyn
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