The Goblin Path by Chani Lynn Feener

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When Blair Sawyer takes a dare to enter the woods at night, she isn’t expecting to tumble down a hole in the ground. She especially doesn’t expect to discover that popular, and annoyingly arrogant Wren Woods is a Goblin. Apparently, she’s accidentally stumbled into their kingdom, a place few humans are ever welcome.

Ordered by the queen to fake a friendship neither of them are feeling, Blair is forced to navigate the twists and turns of High School with a Goblin Prince hot on her heels. To make matters worse, his seemingly much nicer cousin, Linden Woods, suddenly enrolls in their school.

Just as Blair starts to think maybe she was wrong about Wren being a bad guy, something happens in the Goblin Kingdom, something awful, and Blair is blamed for it. Together, she and Wren must discover the real threat and put a stop to it before all of Goblin turns on her and the people she cares about.

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