The Carringtons Vol. 1 by Helen Conrad

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Six full books, six damaged men, six reluctant and wary women.

Meet the Carringtons—wealthy, ambitious, influential—and aching to find that one perfect someone to spend the rest of their life with. Each has been hurt one too many times, and each is at the edge of giving up. These are their stories of living and searching for love and meaning in the California beach town of Destiny Bay.

My Little Runaway~Jenny doesn’t like confrontation. When things got rough at home, she took off for LA and went into hiding. Reid Carrington was the boy who grew up next door, and he’s the one who finally finds her. Taking her home is another story. Can the way he feels about her help bind the wounds and restore the family ties?

Wife For A Night~Janet Cardona had lived a private, protected life until her father died and left her to produce his scientific journals on her own. That might have been her simple destiny, if only her cat hadn’t been appropriated by sexy Matt Carrington as a part of his undercover investigation of a wealthy widow. In her fierce determination to get her cat back, she ends up involved in his scheme, pretending to be his wife, and sneaking around like a cat burglar. As things wind down, she has to make a decision—can she trust the words of a man who’s lied so much? Or did it matter? Sometimes, love really is all you need.

Too Scared To Breathe~Carrie Harlow lives to heal others. As a physical therapist, she’s challenged by the injuries race car driver Grant Carrington asks for help with, including his brooding emotional wounds. She responds to him in ways she shouldn’t—and yet, how can she deny what she feels? Then comes her dilemma—how can she justify healing his body in order to prepare him to risk his life again?

Make-Believe Wife~Kathy Carrington lives to swim competitively—and to prove something to her father. But then she meets Jason, her childhood crush come to life, and finds there are things more important to her. Still, she has to finish what she’s started, to gain that ultimate prize. Would Jason still be waiting when she was done? Did she dare find out?

Promoted to Wife~Terry Yardley is a failure. She failed as an actress, she failed as a girl friend—how is she going to succeed at being a butler to the wealthy Carringtons? It seems hopeless but she’s determined to save her father’s job for him, so she throws herself into it. Rick Carrington has had his share of failure, too, and he’s barely making it as father to his two children now that his ex-wife has died and left them to his care. The struggle must go on, and it seems to draw the two of them together. Now the question is—can their love survive when they both succeed?

Not the Marrying Kind~Shelley Carrington knew Michael Harper was bad news from the beginning, when she fingered him for shoplifting in her grandfather’s department store. But something about him reached out to her inner soul—or maybe it was her untamed libido! And she couldn’t cut herself free from him. Was she really ready to risk everything for just one more kiss? Seems to be.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Copyright
  • 2. My Mailing List
  • 3. Destiny Bay…
  • 4. My Little Runaway
    • Cast of Characters
    • 1. Tempting the Fates
    • 2. Picnic in the Park
    • 3. Have I Ever Kissed You?
    • 4. Going Home
    • 5. Memories of a Golden Boy
    • 6. Tennis Anyone?
    • 7. Tender is the Night
    • 8. Jumping Out of Airplanes
    • 9. The Perfect Dive
    • 10. Runaway Home
  • 5. Wife for a Night
    • Cast of Characters
    • 1. Cat Burglar
    • 2. A Little Revolution
    • 3. Just One Kiss
    • 4. Another View Heard From
    • 5. A Secret Mission
    • 6. Like Bonnie and Clyde
    • 7. Back in Black
    • 8. Down A Lazy River
    • 9. Who Are You?
    • 10. All I Need Is You
  • 6. Too Scared to Breathe
    • Cast of Characters
    • 1. The Maxwell Party
    • 2. A Casanova Complex
    • 3. Planning a Wedding
    • 4. An Uneasy Truce
    • 5. Irresistibly Drawn
    • 6. Just Stay
    • 7. The Ghost of Christmas
    • 8. The Advanced Workout
    • 9. Getting Respect
    • 10. Winning
    • Epilogue
  • 7. Make-Believe Wife
    • Cast of Characters
    • 1. Feet of Clay
    • 2. Take Me Home Tonight
    • 3. Cheaters Never Prosper
    • 4. Up, Up and Away
    • 5. Into the Woods
    • 6. Avocado Green
    • 7. Buy Me the Moon
    • 8. It’s a Balancing Act
    • 9. A Time To Heal
    • 10. Meant To Be
    • 11. Affirmation
  • 8. Promoted to Wife
    • Cast of Characters
    • 1. Carry On, Jeeves
    • 2. The Kids Are Coming!
    • 3. A Butler’s Work Is Never Done
    • 4. No Matter What You Do
    • 5. They Don’t Promote Butlers To Wife
    • 6. At His Command
    • 7. Aunt Julia Shakes Things Up
    • 8. A Force To Be Reckoned With
    • 9. Learning Navigation
    • 10. Koalas Need Mothers Too
    • 11. The Night They Were Dancing…
    • Epilogue
  • 9. Not the Marrying Kind
    • Cast of Characters
    • 1. To Catch a Thief
    • 2. Sushi Fixes Everything
    • 3. Casing the Joint
    • 4. We Meet Again
    • 5. The Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Mistake
    • 6. Take My Breath Away
    • 7. Hot Stuff
    • 8. Men Like Michael
    • 9. Irresistible is What You Are
    • 10. Teaching a Lesson to the Teacher
    • 11. All Fall Down
  • 10. My Mailing List
  • 11. Also by Helen Conrad
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  • 12. About the Author
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