The Billionaire’s Fake Marriage by Sarah J. Brooks

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I’m a sexy, perfectly built, successful billionaire.
People say I can’t possibly want for anything.
Well, let me give you three reason’s they’re dead wrong.
All three of them have the same answer. I need a fake wife.

Lilian Baxter. My sweet, young, next door neighbor.

Reason One
I’ve got the ex from hell. When she tells the judge I can’t look after my own kid, he orders me to get a new wife or else.

Reason Two
She makes me hard the second I set eyes on her.
She’s as innocent as she is beautiful.
And I watch her. I see her through the window. Her perfect curves, her tempting ass, her gorgeous breasts.
My c*ck throbs with desire when I just think of her.

Reason Three
I want another child. I didn’t realize it until I saw Lilian. Now, every time I look at her, I imagine the love, the happiness, I would get from making a baby with her. Did I say fake wife? Maybe I need to rethink that part!

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