Sweet, Tart by Jamie Bennett

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He stared at me. “You wrote that? I want to know what happens. Tell me what happens.”
“Well, I’m not totally sure yet. What usually happens is that they fall in love despite themselves…”
Maggie lives in a world of aliens, dragons, cowboys, and Happily Ever Afters. As a (slightly—maybe more than slightly) pornographic romance novelist, she’s able to escape everything in her writing. Almost everything, even though her life before coming to northern Michigan will not let her go, no matter how far, or how fast she’s running from it.
Mostly, she’s too busy hiding from the world to meet people, and certainly she isn’t looking for anyone to sweep her off her feet like one of the stern cowboys or hard-bodied aliens in her books. But then, suddenly, there’s Mason, who’s sweet, and funny, and damn, is he handsome—and they end up taking a trip together that will change both their lives.
For everyone who remembers Mason Whitaker from THE CHECKDOWN, here’s his story!

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