Sweet Fix by Sasha Gold

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Trig Kendal:
Almost from the first moment, I needed her. Craved her. My sweet and sassy and brilliant Maggie. But she’s ten years younger than me. Too young. Barely nineteen. I told myself I couldn’t have her. I told myself all I wanted was for her to be safe. In truth, she was my addiction. She was my sweet fix until she became my wife. It’s just an arrangement. A marriage of convenience. Something to keep her by my side and safe until the threat passes.

Maggie Callaghan:
I’ve been on my own since my mother died. Sure, I’ve been in foster care, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t utterly alone. So why does Trig assume he needs to watch over me? Because he’s older? Wiser? He seems to think he needs to scare me straight. And he does. But the man who frightens me is also the man who haunts my wicked dreams. When he steps in with an offer of help, and a marriage in name only, I accept. With a whispered vow, I’m out of the pot and into the fire.

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