Sweet Abduction by Sasha Gold

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Riley Tarrant is the one man I shouldn’t think about. Ever. After he beat up and humiliated my stepbrother, my family forbade any contact. He’s dangerous, they say. A monster. But I’m sure they’re wrong. Riley is kind. Thoughtful. Even protective. He sends me flowers and sweet notes. Now he’s asked me to dinner. One secret evening with the only man I’ve ever wanted.

What could it hurt?

Leah Mathews comes from wealth and privilege. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Not me. I spent most of my childhood wondering where I’d get my next meal. That’s okay. Suffering makes you strong. That’s why I’m an undefeated MMA fighter. But I have a score to settle with her family. They took something from me.

It’s time I return the favor.

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Jen Y
Jen Y

ok little quickie read.

Reply2 months ago