Stolen By the Alien Barbarian Xyru by Eden Ember

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The Alien barbarian Xyru decides to take fate into his own hands and does the unthinkable to convince the Terran female she is his fated mate.

Mare Whittingham works on Zeta for Earth Relief. When Allegra introduces her to the alien, Xyru, she can’t understand how any human can fall for an Aaran barbarian alien. Though she thinks Xyru as hunky for a blue alien, she could not imagine actually being with one.
There is no time for Xyru to convince Mare she is his fated mate. Taking matters into his own hands, he captures her right as the Torq Runner takes off. No matter how she hates him and wants nothing to do with him, he is convinced he can change her mind.
Mare escapes and hopes never to see the blue alien again. Xyru goes after her while the Torq Runner leaves him behind in hopes of saving her. Will he find her and save her before she falls prey to the savage planet? Will she survive being on her own and realize her true feelings for the barbarian alien?

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  • Original Title:Stolen by the Alien Barbarian Xyru: A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance (Aaran Barbarians Book 3)
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