Spying on the Boss by Ava Pearl

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I find myself working late nights,
and drumming up reasons to visit the office after hours.
Just to see her.
She’s more beautiful, focused, and caring than any socialite or business partner in my circle,
and yet she doesn’t even see me.
To her, I’m just The Boss. The Owner. The Billionaire Playboy and Real Estate Mogul.
It’s all baloney. I’m just Matt.

For six years I have slaved away for the ‘family’ business at night,
cleaning offices of the wealthy and entitled,
while paying my way through law school.
Nothing good comes from laziness, and I work harder than anyone I know.
Except for maybe, Matthias.
I watch him when he’s not looking. He’s organized, methodical, fair, and so intelligent.
Seeing his success encourages me to push forward.
Until that one day when I fall asleep on the job, and he finds me.
And everything changes.

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It was okay to short.

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