Soren by Tarin Lex

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Soren is a dedicated, alpha firefighter ready for love.
Hannah is the curvy sweetie who’s searching for healing after a loss.
He catches Hannah’s eye before he even knows she exists.
When Soren—the smoldering firefighter from the calendar that’s still on her nightstand—saves her from a whitewater rafting accident, it seems fate has brought them together.
Sometimes fate looks a lot like a squirrely aunt with too much information, and a great big sense of humor…

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  • Original Title:Soren (Wylder Mountain Heroes Book 3)
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Table of Content

  • 1. One
  • 2. Two
  • 3. Three
  • 4. Four
  • 5. Five
  • 6. Six
  • 7. Epilogue
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