Song of Winter by May Sage

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They’ve escaped the destruction of the Court of Night, only to find greater perils awaiting them.

A demon has long watched in the shadows, biding his time. Now he’s ready to strike, and the likelihood that Devi and Vale can stop him is close to nil.

There is only one hope…

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  • Original Title:Frostbound Throne: Song of Night (Court of Sin Book 1)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. I. Song of Night
    • Map
    • Prologue
    • 1. Thinner than Water
    • 2. Dark and Charming
    • 3. The Ghosts in the Shadows
    • 4. A Light in the Court
    • 5. The Dawn of Night
    • 6. Sword and Snow
    • 7. Lady of the Court
    • 8. A Taste of Madness
    • 9. Wild Blood
    • 10. A New King
    • 11. Tales of the Ages
    • 12. A Red and Gold Storm
    • 13. In Flight
    • 14. Heir of Darkness
    • 15. The Queen’s Arrow
    • 16. Two Deadly Roads
    • 17. Ride of the Dyrmounts
    • 18. Hunters and Prey
    • 19. Valley of Doom
    • 20. A Little Elf
    • 21. Whispers and Secrets
    • 22. Lords and Thrones
  • 4. Copyright
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Manini B
Manini B

This isn't the 2nd book. It's the 1st book again. Pls get the actual 2nd part the song of winter!!

Reply8 months ago
    Izzy Penton
    Izzy Penton

    Please get the actual book 2, song of winter. This is the first book , song of night. You've got the wrong book. Please get the correct one.

    Replya year ago
      Phoenix Suagran
      Phoenix Suagran

      Excuse me, but the book being shown is actually the first book and not the second one. You have the first book and the third book, so where is the second book? Please fix!

      Replya year ago
        Jade Dennis
        Jade Dennis

        This is book first book in the series and not the second!

        Reply2 years ago
          Amy Jones
          Amy Jones

          This isn't song of winter the second book, this is song of night the first book in the court of sin series. Can you get the second book please?

          Reply2 years ago