Solstice by Lux Miller

Running from the Berserker curse threw me headlong into the adventure of a lifetime. Nova is the force that grounds me to my humanity, but what if our love isn’t enough to save me from my destiny? Will the prophecy destroy us before we can even begin or will love find a way in this messed-up post-apocalyptic world where nothing is quite as it seems?

Drake and I sealed our fate when we declared our love for one another, but there’s a darkness growing inside him that I fear will destroy the man I’ve grown to love. When our journey takes us to the high sea, I have to figure out a way to keep both it and our bond afloat. Are we all going to drown when the flames of jealousy destroy the only thing keeping us afloat or will we find a way to bring balance to a love story for the ages?

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  • Original Title:Solstice: A Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic Romance (Celestial Awakenings Book 2)
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