Snowstorm Snuggles by Barbra Campbell

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If the gondola’s a rockin’…
My next-door neighbor has to be one of the least holiday loving people I know. He doesn’t even get excited about Christmas, which verges on a sin in my book. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why he’s the snowplow guy…he loves getting rid of the snow and any sign of happy festiveness.
I would have written him off long ago except he makes my heart flutter almost as much as reindeer and snowflakes do. But I’m pretty sure he despises me as much as he despises all things red and green.
When we get trapped inside a ski gondola in a blizzard, the idle chit chat runs its course. There are only so many ways to keep warm. And if I’m lucky, I might be able to get some snowstorm snuggles before the lift gets running again.

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