Snow by B.K Leigh

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They follow you around wherever you go. They capture you, they break you, and they own you…Unless you own them.
I’ve been a product of gossip since before I even left the womb. I was meant to fulfill the destiny the whole town thought I was sure to have. I was on the path to destruction long before I met him… Gideon Wellfleet.
The man who changed my destiny and showed me something more.
He thought he’d ruin me, told me he would. What he didn’t know was that pain and destruction followed me everywhere. It was only a matter of time before it got to him too.

I’ve lived a life along the lines of every rumor that’s been told. I was content to never correct or rectify the whispers and gossip that followed me around everywhere I went.
It didn’t matter what I had sacrificed or the turns my life took to lead me to this road. The one where I was faced with a decision where I had to choose between what was right and…her.
Adeline Miller.
I knew she’d be my damnation long before I knew I’d ruin her. What she didn’t know was that she’d ruin me, long before I had the chance.

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