Sixteen Weeks by Taylor Rylan


Dax Phillips has never known stability, so he does his best to work toward it. But when things get to be too much, he hopes someone else will take control and make him forget how stressful life is.

Anderson Engleson has a lot to show for his hard work. He has a successful career, nice house, a close best friend, but he’s yet to find that one person he can call his. Unfortunately for Dax, that’s also not something he’s necessarily looking for.

Can a one-night stand turn into more? What if everything is against them? When Professor Anderson Engleson and his new student Dax Phillips realize what could happen if anyone found out, will they call it quits? Will they make it another sixteen weeks or are they willing to break all of the rules? After all, they can’t deny that sizzling chemistry.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Cover
  • 2. Title Page
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Contents
  • 5. Copyrights & Trademarks
  • 6. Acknowledgments
  • 7. 1. Dax
  • 8. 2. Anderson
  • 9. 3. Dax
  • 10. 4. Anderson
  • 11. 5. Dax
  • 12. About the Author
  • 13. Also by Taylor Rylan
  • 14. Also by Taylor Rylan
  • 15. Also by Taylor Rylan

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