Shifters and Alphas by Lacey Carter Andersen


After a hard day’s work she needs a few stiff drinks and a few stiff men, at least according to her best friend…

Cassandra works long hours hunting the paranormal creepy crawlers who tear up her city. It’s dangerous work, made even more difficult by her three sexy partners (who just happened to be stubborn, alpha-as-heck, shifters). Not that they aren’t helpful, it’s just hard to focus on blowing the head off a vampire when she’s busy checking out their nice… pants.

So when her best friend coaxes her into going to a bar, she doesn’t think twice when a witch gives her a little drink, promising her it’ll give her just what she needs.

The last thing she expected was to drink a witch’s brew and finally have the guts to do something completely out-of-character. And completely naughty. But it might be just what she needed.

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  • Original Title:Shifters and Alphas: A Standalone Reverse Harem (A Witch's Sinful Spells Book 1)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Disclaimer
  • 3. Shifters and Alphas (A Witch's Sinful Spells, #1)
  • 4. Author’s Note
  • 5. Chapter One
  • 6. Chapter Two
  • 7. Chapter Three
  • 8. Chapter Four
  • 9. Chapter Five
  • 10. Chapter Six
  • 11. Chapter Seven
  • 12. Chapter Eight
  • 13. More by Lacey Carter Andersen
  • 14. About the Author
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