Shadow Moon by Jenny Foster


Outcast. Killer. Bastard.

I’ve been given many names, and none is a lie.
However, my true nature is a different one.
They call me when they have no other choice.
But my help comes at a price.
The trail of missing children leads to New York City.
A dangerous man hides within the heart of this filth pit.
He’s the one responsible.
I’ll be his judge.
I’ll be his executioner.

He only has one weakness: his daughter, Hope.
She’s everything I despise—rich and spoiled.
But in her heart, I discover something that gets under my skin.
Maybe even love.
The predator within me must and will have her—at any cost.
Deep inside, I feel I have to be careful.
Or the one who pays the price this time—will be me.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Content
  • 2. About the Novel
  • 3. Shadow Moon
    • Part 1: Half Moon
    • Part 2: Full Moon
    • Part 3: New Moon
    • Part 4: Blood Moon
  • 4. Sneak Peek
  • 5. The Author

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