Seduction by Alexa Phoenix

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“She was intoxicating to him. He needed to have her. He had to have her & she was breaking the rules for him once more.”

Phoenix Williams has an internal fire that burns within her bright. She is a sexy vixen, working for LA’s most prominent fire department. Like her father, she has a talent within the flames. The loss of him as a teenager led her to a life of loveless relationships. After her mother’s death, three years later, she put her determination into her work completely, leaving her heart for no one.

Sparked by the arousal of the job she loved, her passion outside of her job stayed within its walls with the hook ups she gave into.
What happens when what started as a one time fling, turns into something else? Something that can hold your future career in its hands…
Blaine Jacobs is a sexually charged, persistent, hunk from the wrong side of the tracks. An event in his life changed him for the better and led him to meet Phoenix. A probationary firefighter with a hot spark for danger changed her life forever when she gave in to him.

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Table of Content

  • 1. -Chapter One-
  • 2. -Chapter Two
  • 3. -Chapter Three
  • 4. -Chapter Four
  • 5. -Chapter Five
  • 6. -Chapter Six
  • 7. -Chapter Seven
  • 8. -Chapter Eight
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