Secret Baby by Tracy Lorraine

She was my everything.
My best friend.
My girl.
My future.

It was meant to be the night that marked the beginning of lives together. Instead, I was forced to walk away.
That is, until our worlds collided once again. Now, I’ve only got a few days to prove I didn’t leave her willingly all those years ago. I’m prepared to fight to win her back, but what I’m totally unaware of is that it’s not just her heart on the line, and it wasn’t just her I walked away from that night.

She’s keeping a secret.
One that’s going to change my life forever.

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  • Original TitleSpring Break Secret Baby: A Spring Breakers Short Story
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  • Date2019-04-06
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Table of Content

  • 1. Full Page Image
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Dedication
  • 4. Contents
  • 5. Chapter 1
  • 6. Chapter 2
  • 7. Chapter 3
  • 8. Chapter 4
  • 9. Epilogue
  • 10. Acknowledgments
  • 11. The Flirt Club!
  • 12. The Spring Breakers
  • 13. Read Falling For Daniel for FREE!
  • 14. About the Author
  • 15. Also by Tracy Lorraine
  • 16. Sneak Peek
  • 17. Sneak Peek - All Star Player

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