Save Me by A.M. Arthur

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Alpha Gaven Freel was taught by his doting beta parents to protect and respect omegas, and he sees those parents as shining examples of how to love his future mate. Except he’s only nineteen and still a university student, so Gaven has plenty of time to find his omega bondmate—but fate has other plans, and he scents his omega from across a crowded waiting room. Too bad his bondmate is the son of his parents’ oldest enemy.

At twenty-two, omega Frey Porter has already gone through multiple heats without an alpha. He’s desperate to find a mate, but his sire Monte Porter won’t settle for just any alpha for his only omega son. Frey will one day access a sizable trust fund—no gold diggers allowed into the wealthy Porter family. When Frey insists younger alpha Gaven Freel is his bondmate, Monte is skeptical about the pairing. And Gaven’s parents are skeptical right back, worried Monte might use the situation to punish Gaven for decades-old hurts.
Monte surprises everyone by negotiating a fair financial agreement that limits Gaven’s access to Frey’s trust fund and by allowing them to mate. Gaven has no interest in money, only in being the best alpha possible to Frey, and with Frey’s next heat months away, they have plenty of time to date and get to know each other. Frey is intimidated by Gaven’s huge extended family, but he also adores their camaraderie and genuine love for each other. Frey wants his future to be with the Freels.

Gaven is busy making plans for their life together when the unthinkable happens—Monte serves Gaven with papers dissolving the mating agreement. Papers Frey signed, too, and stands by. Devastated by losing his bondmate, Gaven sinks into a deep depression even his best friends can’t get him out of. But Frey also has a terrible, life-altering secret he’s keeping from Gaven, and he’ll have to learn to trust in the strength of the mating bond in order to save them both from darkness.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Blurb
  • 4. Copyright
  • 5. Dear Reader,
  • 6. Family List
  • 7. Chapter 1
  • 8. Chapter 2
  • 9. Chapter 3
  • 10. Chapter 4
  • 11. Chapter 5
  • 12. Chapter 6
  • 13. Chapter 7
  • 14. Chapter 8
  • 15. Chapter 9
  • 16. Chapter 10
  • 17. Chapter 11
  • 18. Chapter 12
  • 19. Chapter 13
  • 20. Chapter 14
  • 21. Chapter 15
  • 22. Chapter 16
  • 23. Chapter 17
  • 24. Chapter 18
  • 25. Chapter 19
  • 26. Also by A.M. Arthur
  • 27. About the Author
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