Russian Teacher by Flora Ferrari

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When I walk in on my mom and my dad’s boss in my parent’s bed, my mom walks out…with half of everything we own, including the modest college savings my dad was working like a dog for eighteen years to save up.

Needing a fresh start, and a new job, he accepts the first offer that comes in, an expat package in Moscow.

Little did I know the biggest part of his benefits package would be the package on the Russian language instructor my dad’s new company hired to help us assimilate.

Back home I was always overlooked, but this sexy Russian can’t take his eyes off me. I tell him my lips should be learning how to pronounce these strange Cyrillic sounds, but he tells me his lips need to learn every curve of my body instead.

If my dad finds out our lessons consist of a little less talk and a lot more action, will he pull us out of Moscow for good? Or will my Russian teacher, who constantly has me screaming vowels, tell me there’s no pulling out…not now, not ever…making me his and filling me full of babies as he breeds me in the land famous for bears and borscht…forever?

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