Ruby’s Price by Giovanna Reaves

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Bass and Ryota’s passion burns instantly, making them question their morals and rules.

Top-notch witch taker, Sebastian “Bass” Wright is a lawman with a keen sense of justice. Outlaws shudder in fear when they hear his name. Bass is very dedicated to his job, which leaves no time for relationships. When a series of murders take place in Fort Creek, Texas, Bass is sent to investigate and capture the killer. During his first day in town, he meets the brothel owner, who sparks more than his suspicion.
Love has never been Ryota Ostrel’s goal. He lives by a set of rules that help him balance his personal and professional life and sidestep romance. As a bordello owner, Ryota will use his powers to stop anyone from finding out who and what he is. He is taken by surprise when a handsome witch taker walks into his brothel. Ryota is thrown off balance and is captivated by Bass Wright’s powerful aura, but feels the witch taker is hiding something behind his charming smile.
With murder cases and mistrust swirling between them, neither man can fight their mutual attraction. Bass and Ryota concoct plans to get the information they need from one another. They soon find out there’s more case than meets the eye.

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  • Original Title:Ruby's Price (Tin Star Witches: Beyond Ruby # 4): An M/M Paranormal Western Romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Disclaimer
  • 5. Find Me On Social Media
  • 6. Special Thanks
  • 7. Dedication
  • 8. Blurb
  • 9. Chapter One
  • 10. Chapter Two
  • 11. Chapter Three
  • 12. Chapter Four
  • 13. Chapter Five
  • 14. Chapter Six
  • 15. Chapter Seven
  • 16. Chapter Eight
  • 17. Chapter Nine
  • 18. Chapter Ten
  • 19. Chapter Eleven
  • 20. Chapter Twelve
  • 21. Chapter Thirteen
  • 22. Chapter Fourteen
  • 23. Chapter Fifteen
  • 24. Chapter Sixteen
  • 25. Chapter Seventeen
  • 26. Chapter Eighteen
  • 27. Chapter Nineteen
  • 28. Chapter Twenty
  • 29. Chapter Twenty-One
  • 30. Chapter Twenty-Two
  • 31. Chapter Twenty-Three
  • 32. Epilogue
  • 33. Thank You
  • 34. Tin Star Witches
  • 35. About the Author
  • 36. Also by Giovanna Reaves
  • 37. Pre-Order The Professional Body Double

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