Ronan’s Healing by Tessa Murran

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Love’s cruelty has frozen his heart. Can she thaw it?

Ronan Bannerman is fierce in battle and gentle in love. Women are drawn to his swoon-worthy good looks, kindness and strength. He falls hard for the daughter of a rich and powerful Laird into whose service he is pledged. But his bastardy and his father’s notoriety stand in his way, and when his proposal of marriage offends the wrong people, he ends up face down in the snow in the frigid Scottish winter, fighting for his life.

Salvation comes in the form of Isla Gillies, an outcast, who is as wild as the bleak woods to which she has been banished. She is brave and darkly beautiful, but she might also be a witch. Ronan is indebted to her, and when a betrayal leaves the lass in fear for her life, what can he do but vow to keep her safe? But is that his only motive for keeping her close?

As bitter enemies emerge from the shadows and begin to circle, Ronan and Isla must seek sanctuary in the frozen north, and in each other. Ronan must confront not only his thirst for vengeance but also his unwanted desire for Isla. As his heart begins to thaw, will the bitterness of unrequited love twist his soul and darken it forever, blinding him to anything other than vengeance. Or will he conquer the demons within, to take a chance on happiness?

Ronan’s Healing takes the reader on a stirring adventure of spurned love, brutal power struggles and smouldering passion, as Ronan and Isla battle their way through the snowy lowlands of the Middle March to the wild and lawless Highlands.

Ronan’s Healing is the second of The Bannerman Brothers Series but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book.

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