Revival by L.V. Lewis

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Can a relationship that never got a fair start be revived by love?

I knew not to date a musician. Hell, I am one. Our lifestyles don’t translate into healthy relationships—unless you’re Skylar, my pop star bestie, and her boyfriend, Savage, a rock legend, and you tour together.Living out of a suitcase the better part of every year sucks if you’re looking to find love, and I knew this when Dylan Castle, the drummer of Savage Saban’s legendary rock band, The Savages, showed up on our tour ten months ago.Our chemistry had been off the charts, and he took me on an epic first date, romanced me for a few weeks…Then he ghosted me.It’s not the first time that’s happened, given my demanding career, but why did this time hurt so bad?

Reuniting with my long lost band mate, Savage, has been the highlight of my year. The band and I thought he might be up for us getting back together since he was now touring again with Skylar.We were wrong.The Savages would not be revived with Savage as its front man. While not getting the band back together has been a bummer, meeting Skylar’s best friend, Alyssa, gave me hope that she and I might make some beautiful music together.Fate had other plans.Alyssa was the first woman I’ve ever had any desire or inclination to date seriously. A call from my physician with the results of a routine physical made me rethink that idea.Now Savage and Skylar wants us all to fly out to a resort in the Maldives for two weeks prior to their wedding. How can I see Alyssa again without reviving feelings for her? I’ve tried for almost a year to bury every memory of those two blissful months we spent together—that is, until my medical condition improved.

Will I be able to convince her the feelings we shared a year ago were real enough to resume building a relationship together, or will she ghost me now?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. One
  • 3. Two
  • 4. Three
  • 5. Four
  • 6. Five
  • 7. Six
  • 8. Seven
  • 9. Eight
  • 10. Nine
  • 11. Ten
  • 12. Eleven
  • 13. Twelve
  • 14. Thirteen
  • 15. Fifteen
  • 16. Sixteen
  • 17. Seventeen
  • 18. Eighteen
  • 19. Nineteen
  • 20. Twenty
  • 21. Twenty - One
  • 22. Twenty - Two
  • 23. Twenty - Three
  • 24. Twenty - Four
  • 25. Twenty - Five
  • 26. Twenty - Six
  • 27. Twenty Seven
  • 28. Twenty - Eight
  • 29. Epilogue
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