Quadruple Sext by Stephanie Brother

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They say that revenge is sweet. It’s even more delicious when it involves hooking up with four guys in Vegas.
When Amanda, the popular cheerleader, asked for my help, I thought fate was smiling on me. But when she failed her test and decided to make me her Enemy Number One, things at uni took a turn for the worst.
But I’m not the kind of person to let a bully walk all over me.
When Amanda left her phone in the library, I found it and took a chance and read her messages. I wanted to see if there was something in it I could use against her. She needed a taste of her own medicine.
What I found was the Rome Brothers: Michael, Adam, Tristan, and Daniel. The four hottest guys on the university’s baseball team, and apparently Amanda wanted them – badly. Their text exchanges were so dirty. It seemed that Amanda was planning to have a fivesome.
I could have shared her secret with the entire campus, but that wasn’t good enough. I wanted REVENGE.
So, I started texting each of them.
Michael was the leader. Daniel was the sensitive one. Tristan was the sweet one. Adam was the naughty one.
I shouldn’t have texted them pretending to be Amanda. I should have been honest and told them the truth.
But I couldn’t resist the urge to let them do all the things that they’d promised in their texts. They wanted me; they just didn’t know who I was. But they were about to find out.
It was time to get my own back on the university bully, and I wasn’t going to do it alone…

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