Protector of Novah by Rhonda Lee Carver

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Novah needs his protection…but she needs his heart more.

Paradise turned into a nightmare when Novah Coffman learned that she would be spending the weekend on a private resort with her ex-husband. They shared a daughter together, but she gave up on him a long time ago…and then unexpected sparks fly poolside. Was it the sunshine and fresh air that made her woozy or was it that he was hotter with age?
Egan Banks had a job to do and it wasn’t sampling the tempting curves of his ex-wife, although he wouldn’t mind one bit. When she sent her wicked smile his way, that was all the invitation he needed to get wrapped up in her sweet heaven again.
Then she uncovered a dangerous plot that involved her boss who was running for public office. Her life was on the line and Egan vowed he’d protect her at all costs, but in the end he could be the one who needed protection from another broken heart.

A hot and steamy romantic thriller that’ll keep you turning the page.

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