Possessive Doctor’s Christmas by Flora Ferrari


I’ve only got one wish this Christmas…

My dad’s best friend, the hot doctor, underneath the mistletoe.

But will Santa bring me the one thing that’s on my list when his list has all the reasons why he shouldn’t…
One: He’s an older man and I’m a younger woman.
Two: He’s my dad’s best friend.
Three: Christmas is all about giving, not receiving.

Well, Santa…that’s why I’ve been saving a very special gift just for him, my very first time. I’ve been nice my entire life and now I’m ready to get naughty this Christmas with my dashing doctor, the only man I’ve ever wanted.

But who will be more surprised?

Me when I find out just how possessive this doctor can be, and the secret he’s been saving too?

Or my family when my dad’s best friend asks me to not only help put up lights on his Christmas tree, but tells me he wants me to be the light of life…forever?

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