Perfect by Jenny Wood

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Adoption is hard. Paperwork and more paperwork, lawyers and more lawyers and it seems like begging and choosing….all to get your heart broken when the expectant mother backs out. Not wanting to go through that again, or put Morgan through it again; they opted out. Unfortunately, the new guy didn’t get the memo and they were chosen by expectant young mother, Haley.

Morgan can’t believe he’s doing it again…. scared to death that it’ll be like last time; he and Kingsley hope and pray things work out this time. Join the Kennedy’s in this short novella down adoption lane. You’ll also meet some new key people and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Join these guys on there journey to something perfect! …. Or maybe a couple things, perfect!

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Table of Content

  • 1. Kingsley
  • 2. Morgan
  • 3. Kingsley
  • 4. Morgan
  • 5. Kingsley
  • 6. Morgan
  • 7. Kingsley
  • 8. Morgan
  • 9. Kingsley
  • 10. Morgan
  • 11. Kingsley
  • 12. Wade
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