Owned By the Cruel Prince by Ana Calin

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I am half fae and half demon. To the fae kind, that means I have a predilection to evil. If they didn’t need me as desperately as they do now, they’d try to f*cking lynch me.
And they’d f*cking fail.
I’m a centuries-old warlord, which makes me insanely difficult to kill. I’ve been bred for war, and now that the Antichrist is ready to take over the world, I could destroy the fae, or I could save them. So I’m faced with a choice—join the devil, or fight against him.
A choice that depends entirely on her—Edith Snowstorm.
My fated mate, and the woman who betrayed me.
I came to the human realm for her, determined to get her back.
But I found her with another man.
Don’t f*cking ask how I resisted the urge to slit him open right in front of her. But that would have been too little of a punishment for the two of them.
Edith fucked with the wrong fae lord. I’ll enslave her, watch her fall apart under me, I’ll make her tremble with guilty pleasures, and hate herself for it. But then the tables turn in a way that we could have never seen coming.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Copyright Page
  • 2. CHAPTER I
  • 6. CHAPTER V
  • 8. THE END

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