Nicole & Brian by Emily Evans

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My hospital is everything to me.
All right, not everything, considering what’s happening in a few months, but it helps keep my life stable.
It catches me by surprise when an acquaintance’s handsome boyfriend comes to work here.
Only it turns out that he’s not her boyfriend anymore.
I’ve always been attracted to him and now I see just how we complement each other.
It’s as if we’re made for each other.
But with the baby coming, would that be the right decision?

Work has always been important to me.
Relationships, on the other hand… after what happened with my last one, I’m not eager to get into another.
Until I start spending time working with Nicole and realize that I want to be with her.
She’s gorgeous, and smart, and it’s amazing how good we are together.
But after what happened with my ex, and with Nicole being my boss and pregnant… am I really ready for this?

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