Never Too Late by Lynn Hagen

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Shane has spent his entire life trying to keep his brother out of trouble. But there is no hope for Damien, especially when Shane is caught up in one of his brother’s schemes and is nearly killed. Now Shane finds himself a prisoner of the wolf pack that took down the men who profited off the sale of preternatural beings. More specifically, he’s Alejandro’s prisoner, a sexy wolf who makes Shane’s insides come alive.

Not only did Alejandro lose his parents the night of the massacre five years ago, but his brother, Rico, took off. Alejandro suspects that Rico had something to do with the massacre, but could never prove it. Now Rico is in Fever’s Edge, looking for some misguided payback, and has set his vengeful sights on Shane. It’s up to Alejandro to keep Shane out of Rico’s grip while trying to figure out whether his mate is friend or foe.

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