Naked Sushi by Kenya Wright

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Nyotaimori is the ancient Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a naked woman’s body.

In New York on a deadly mission, Reo works for the most dangerous gangster in Japan—the Dragon. Many call Reo, The Dragon’s Roar. The Executioner. The One-That-Buries-The-Bodies.
Usually Reo is all business. Nothing could ever distract him. Until he catches sight of an enchanting dancer. Now, he can’t get her off his mind.

Layla’s focused on getting enough money to save her younger sister. Then, a handsome stranger named Reo rescues her from a situation at work. Although coming off as a perfect gentlemen, he radiates wicked heat and menace. And he has an interesting way for her to make a lot of money—let him eat sushi off her naked body.
It’s an intriguing and tempting proposition, but one Layla isn’t sure about. How naked would she really be? Would each bite expose more of herself to him? And would he have his chopsticks under control?

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