Mountain Man’s Healing by Ella Cooper

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With a love as wild as the storm, I’ll take you and make you mine

Kane Maynard:
I am shadowed by darkness but find refuge in the arms of an angel who promises happiness and a future. How can such a little ray of light brighten my whole existence? Can love heal a man like me? Will it be the cure for this endless pain?

Brenda Jones:
It takes nothing more than a spark to light a fire, and he has lit an inferno inside me. I come bearing the gift of love, a word that is foreign to a man who thinks himself unworthy of it. How can I get past the walls caging him in and show him what happiness truly is?

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  • Original Title:Mountain Man's Healing: A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance (Mountain Men Surprise Baby Book 4)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Chapter One : Rising Attractions
  • 2. Chapter Two : Only A Little Admiration
  • 3. Chapter Three : Hot Essence
  • 4. Chapter Four : I Want You
  • 5. Chapter Five : Leaving Cloud Nine
  • 6. Chapter Six : A Few Steps
  • 7. Chapter Seven : A Little Bump
  • 8. Chapter Eight : Heavenly Relief
  • 9. Chapter Nine : Quick Denial
  • 10. Chapter Ten : Night Whispers
  • 11. Chapter Eleven : A Ray Of Sunshine
  • 12. Chapter Twelve : Winning Her Forever
  • 13. Epilogue
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sen rio
sen rio

better than the last 2

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