Lost Lust by Ember Davis

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There is no way I’m letting another woman into my life. They’re trouble and heartbreak in a beautiful package.
Then why can’t I get a certain purple headed woman out of my mind? Damn it. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t give someone the power to hurt me again. I certainly won’t let another woman be taken down by the curse on the men in my family.
I closed myself off, tricking myself into believing I was happy the way it was. I didn’t even know she would be able to pry open my heart so easily. Open is not a way anyone would describe me; gruff, grumpy, and aloof are more like it. Violet changed it all.
Now, how can I make her put down roots and stay? Did I realize what she means to me too late?

There’s always been an unsettled part of me. The part that wants to roam and be free. My mama called it wanderlust and made me promise I’d never leave.
With her death, freedom rushes through. Like most of my plans, this one doesn’t go quite the way I was hoping for. A broken-down car and a stretch of road somewhere in Texas means I need to see what right here has to offer. At least for a little while.
Adler changed it all. He makes that wanderlust feel like roots, but he pushes me away and locks me out. I knew when I saw him that he’s the one but maybe continuing my journey is best. For everyone.
But then…let’s just say that when a man like Adler puts his mind to something, he is a force of nature. He goes after my heart and for the first time I’m not lost, I’m found.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Table of Contents
  • 2. CHAPTER 1
  • 3. CHAPTER 2
  • 4. CHAPTER 3
  • 5. CHAPTER 4
  • 6. CHAPTER 5
  • 7. CHAPTER 6
  • 8. CHAPTER 7
  • 9. CHAPTER 8
  • 10. CHAPTER 9
  • 11. CHAPTER 10
  • 12. CHAPTER 11
  • 13. CHAPTER 12
  • 14. CHAPTER 13
  • 15. CHAPTER 14
  • 16. CHAPTER 15
  • 17. CHAPTER 16
  • 18. CHAPTER 17
  • 19. EPILOGUE

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