Lost and Found by K. Maia

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He’s big, has an impressive set of horns, and a body to die for. Oh, and he’s my ex.
When Tru broke my heart eight years ago, I promised myself I’d never let him close again. But then my brother goes missing and sitting around isn’t an option. Tru might be the jerk who dumped me, but if he helps me find Ethan, I’ll put up with the heartache.
Even if we are crammed into this tiny spaceship of his and bumping into each other. And even if he did get better with age.
I really should stop drooling over his big, muscular body. And I definitely should stop staring at his big, long… tail.

He’s chaotic, unpredictable, impossibly irrational, and emotional. It makes no sense then that after eight years, I’m still desperately in love with him.
Leaving Finn was the hardest thing I have ever done. But I treaded through the wrong side one too many times and risking Finn’s goodness with my presence wasn’t an option anymore. So I left and broke both our hearts in the process.
Now his brother is missing and he requires my help. I want to say no. I should say no. Except resisting anything Finn-related is all but impossible.
Even if his insane plans land us in more trouble. And even if deep down I know this will all probably end in misery and tears. Saying no to Finn was never something I excelled at.

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